Over To Bigg Boss Studio: Bigg Boss Movie On The Way

By - July 18, 2018 - 10:33 AM IST

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Yesterday's Bigg Boss episode was super fun. With the contestants performing the 'Movie' task, the Bigg Boss house turned out to be a fun place. Bigg Boss had given a task to the house members to make a movie. There were teams divided, and Bigg Boss had given them particular tasks to perform.

Amit, Roll Rida, and Deepti were given the task to do the auditions and select the star cast. While Tejaswi was given a task to be a makeup artist. Deepti Sunanina was given to perform an item number in the movie. Babu Gogineni, Geeta Madhuri, and Ganesh became the spot boys. Nandini, Samrat, Tanish, and Kaushal had to act in the movie.

From the time this task began, the teammates were seen creating so much fun around. The auditions were funny, with Babu Gogineni and Ganesh trying hard to act well. The teammates created unlimited fun while performing the task.


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