Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Contestants In Shock

By - July 19, 2018 - 10:24 AM IST

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The general perception and belief about the participants in the reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ is that, all of them are strugglers who failed to make it big in the tinsel town and this is their ticket to stardom and fame. Incidentally, it has worked that way in the Hindi version of ‘Bigg Boss’ and they expect the same to happen here as well.

To add to that, natural star Nani who is currently hosting the show has been telling the inmates that they have become very popular and thousands of people are voting for them. With this, the contestants are thinking they have become quite famous and building castles in the air while spending time within the four walls of the house.

However, the reality is far from what they are anticipating. The moment they are coming out, there is a slight buzz but after that nobody is caring about them. The likes of Sanjana, Kireeti, Nutan Naidu are out. They got interviewed but afterwards no news. Same is the case with Bhanusri and Shyamala, nothing much is working for them in terms of popularity hence the shock.

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