Bigg Boss Or Mental Hospital?

By - July 20, 2018 - 07:30 AM IST

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Though most of us would not have visited a mental hospital in real life we do have a fair idea of how the environment is, thanks to movies and other information. What happens when you start feeling the same even while watching the television sitting at home? This is the reaction of the home audience in relation to one popular show.

We are talking about the ongoing reality show ‘Bigg Boss 2’ and the episodes of the last two days were very boring as per them. They have also added that the shooting episode was not that great and it was quite confusing as the contestants were busy with themselves while their reality was not seen. Nearly four contestants were completely sidelined.

In this episode, only Tanish, Kaushal, Samrat, Deepti Sunaina, Amit, Tejaswi and Roll Ryda were making all the noise while the others are hardly seen. The rest have become insignificant and as a result, the home audience said it looked as if the Bigg Boss house turned into a mental hospital with no proper theme or direction to the proceedings.

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