Theaters Added For RX 100!!

By - July 20, 2018 - 05:53 PM IST

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It was earlier reported that the movie RX 100 is doing wonders at the box-office. Starring Karthikeya in the lead role, the movie RX 100 is one of the sensational hits in the recent times. With fantastic collections at the box-office, the movie is doing great despite the other releases.

Released a week ago, the movie RX 100 has already collected a huge amount of nearly 8 Crores Share in Telugu states. Even after one week, the movie is drawing a huge number of viewers.

The weekend has got three other releases. Despite the other releases, fifty theaters are added for RX 100. The makers had not expected that the movie would become such a big hit earlier. The distributors are happy to add a few more screenings.

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