Actress Urges Fans With Fake Accounts??

By - July 25, 2018 - 04:54 PM IST

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A not-so-popular actress has been making a lot of noise ever since she appeared on one of the biggest reality shows. Though the actress is abundant with talent, it is her attitude that has become a bit arrogant lately.

The actress has been very vocal about one of her co-contestant and hatred towards him from the start. Though there were situations she confessed that she would start everything new, that did not happen during her stay on the show.

Now that the actress has realized that her rival has got a huge support, the actress is trying her best to prove him wrong. Her rival's fans are bashing the actress with rude comments, to which the actress is replying directly. But, she seems to be sharing the comments of the ones who are in her support too. Some of the profiles she shares were created days ago, which are creating a sense of doubt. 

The common netizens are confused about how she has got support all of a sudden, while there weren't many people supporting her during her stay on the show. "If she had so much support, why did she even get dumped in the first place?" is what the netizens opine. Well, who knows what is the truth behind!

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