Vidya Balan Says No To 'That'

By - July 25, 2018 - 10:50 AM IST

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As a director, you have a certain picture in your mind when it comes to your heroine and based on that you become very particular to have a specific artiste to do that role. The intellectual filmmaker Krish is one such types who doesn’t compromise on the casting. True to that, he felt the sensuous Bollywood lady Vidya Balan would suit his requirement.

Vidya is now doing the role of Basavatarakam in the biopic of great NTR. While that is good news, here comes the twist. Vidya has put on a lot of weight in recent times and she has bloated like crazy. As a result, it is heard that the team is asking her to cut down her weight by few kilos so that it would suit the role properly.

However, reports from the unit members reveal Vidya said a clear no. She reportedly stated “I will be like this and my identity would be like this only. I will not compromise for the sake of role. Use graphics and manage.” If this be true the only fair thing to do is find a replacement and show them their place for their haughty attitude.

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