Geetha Madhuri Breaks Down Emotionally..

By - July 27, 2018 - 10:13 AM IST

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Bigg Boss Telugu is growing more dramatic day-by-day. Yesterday's episode in Bigg Boss Telugu 2 had Babu Gogineni and Geetha Madhuri argue over a petty issue. Geetha Madhuri had won the captaincy task. She started to talk about how Babu Gogineni might have been portrayed in the captaincy task.

Geetha Madhuri was trying to explain to Geetha Madhuri, and she even ended the argument. Babu Gogineni targeted Geetha Madhuri and called her names. His non-stop yelling at her appears unwanted. Kaushal spoke defending Geetha Madhuri, but he was stopped by Samrat and Tanish. Geetha seems to have become very emotional about the way Babu Gogineni spoke to her. Today's promos hint that Geetha weeps after the episode, and the other housemates are seen consoling her.

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