Nandu comes in rescue for Geetha Madhuri

By - July 28, 2018 - 05:55 PM IST

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Bigg Boss reality show has become a part of everyone's daily routine, as it has gained a huge viewership. With each passing day, the show is turning out to be more interesting. But, a few teammates have been targeting Kaushal personally.

The prior episodes had the teammates compete for the captaincy task. Geetha Madhuri wins the task, but get bashed by Babu Gogineni for no valid reason. Babu gets rude while he argues with Geetha Madhuri. Though Geetha Madhuri tackles the issue with utmost maturity, it appears like Babu had no intention to quit targetting her personally.

Geetha Madhuri breaks down and cried bitterly. After this episode, actor Nandu the husband of contestant Geetha Madhuri came in support of Geetha. He took to his social media to express how he felt about Babu Gogineni after targeting her personally.

"Naa pilla edichina tharavatha game Ni game la choodalenu inka , NAA pilla hurt so nenu hurt ,hence this post ? --Mr.International Figure Garu ki Aina ki anipinchindhi pakka vallatho discuss chesthey oppu , verey housemates adhey Pani chesthey thappu ah ?how ?? Ah how ?? #ChillThatha", he wrote. 


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