Kiki Challenge By Adah Sharma & Regina Cassandra

By - July 30, 2018 - 11:29 AM IST

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Canadian rapper Drake’s latest sensational song “In My Feelings” from the album Scorpion is viral, for obvious reasons. His dance in the album has given birth to the latest crazy challenge- The Kiki Challenge.

The Kiki Challenge is nothing but a person steps out of the car and dances on the road, while the car is still moving. A video is taken, from the driver's point of view. This challenge has gone viral, like previous Ice-bucket challenge.

Tollywood actors are no lesser than the western people, in accepting the Kiki challenge. Adah Sharma's Kiki Challenge is just mindblowing, while Regina Cassandra's cute performance is just adorable. It is expected that many other actors may come up with the viral Kiki challenge.

On the other side, the traffic police are worried that the Kiki challenge might become a threat to the lives, if taken too seriously, considering the traffic on Indian roads.

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