Top Cop Becomes Hero For Common Man

By - July 31, 2018 - 06:21 PM IST

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As much as we clap and whistle when we see a honest cop roughing up the baddies onscreen, we honestly don’t feel the same way in real life about the cops. In fact, we actually fear approaching the cops for anything because the amount of corruption and exploitation which runs is beyond description. But then there are always exceptions.

And when one such exception comes in front of us we literally worship him. Right now, top cop Akun Sabharwal has become the hero for common man. His new ruling that all theatres and multiplexes should sell eatables and other food stuff at MRP has come across as a major relief for the audience who has been getting exploited royally.

If you still come across any theatre selling food items more than MRP you can call 180042500333 or Whatsapp on 73307 74444. This is the arrangement made by Akun Sabharwal. Now, it is the moral responsibility of the theatres to adhere to it or else action would be taken. As for the common man, Akun Sabharwal is certainly a hero. Keep up the good work sir!

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