Bigg Boss Marathi Goes Hot

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While we are beaming with pride that the most talked about reality show ‘Bigg Boss’ is now coming in Telugu and it is getting very dramatic and engaging, fact remains that there is absolutely no glamour or sexual overtone to the whole show. The usual tiffs, politics and accusations are happening but it is certainly not anywhere near the real deal.

Meanwhile the Bigg Boss saga has now spread to the state of Maharashtra and the Bigg Boss Marathi is doing extremely well. The reason being, they have taken the hot approach. Apparently, one of the inmates in Bigg Boss Marathi is the controversial actress Smita Gaundhkar. She has scorched the show with her bikini feast.

One of the episodes has got rainfall coming from above and without wasting further time Smita got into her swimming outfit and enjoyed the pool without any issues. This kind of bikini feasts are common in the western world’s Bigg Boss but it appears that the Marathi folks have decided to take it to the next level. This hotness will surely be paid.

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