'Saakshyam's Wake Up Call For Pooja!

By - August 02, 2018 - 02:45 PM IST

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Just as you are getting into the star league of heroines from the tier two segment, you need to be extremely careful about the type of films you do and most importantly the roles. Even one setback can relegate you to the lower level and it becomes extremely difficult to get into the big league. Hence, the starlets have few PR teams and mentors.

This system is strongly followed by the girls who hail from Mumbai. The cute faced hottie Pooja Hegde is one such girl and right now it is heard that she is hitting the roof due to her recent release ‘Saakshyam’. Apparently, the film is turning out to be a disaster and more than that, Pooja is getting slammed and criticized for her looks and performance.

Many felt she was a misfit to the role of a girl who is a religious person giving discourses. It is heard that Pooja was reluctant to take up this role but his team had pushed her to say yes. Now, she is giving it back to them and sources reveal the pretty girl has decided to go for roles that offer substance and increase her brand value. Good call Pooja!

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