Annapurna Vs Annapurna Today

By - August 03, 2018 - 11:24 AM IST

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We have entered into a Friday of yet another week and when this day comes we know what is in store. Well, new movies will hit the theatres and take the litmus test from the audience. Every week there is a special report on the releases that are happening but this week it is a bit different. Two films are hitting the marquee and here is the interesting part.

First in the list is ‘Goodachari’ which has the handsome Adivi Sesh as the hero. As the title indicates, it is a complete sky thriller. On the other hand, the second movie ‘Chi La Sow’ is also hitting today and it has the cute faced Sushanth as the hero. Both the movies are quite crucial for both the heroes as they seek desperate hits.

Coming to the interesting point, Supriya from the Akkineni family is making her comeback with ‘Goodachari’ and fact is, she runs the entire Annapurna Studios. At the same time, ‘Chi La Sow’ is being released by Annapurna Movies banner. That way, it is going to be an in-house clash. Here’s wishing the best of success to both movies.


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