Sri Reddy's New Wave Of Attacks On Pawan

By - August 03, 2018 - 08:01 PM IST

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Looking at the way things are going on, even the media folks might just consider Sri Reddy as not existing in their lists. Though it is true that it is the same media which gave her unwanted publicity and boost for their TRPs it is turning out that her tirade and ranting is neverending and that too without anything substantial.

Since the last few days Sri Reddy has been camping in Tamil Nadu and launching an attack on Kollywood celebrities and they gave it right back to her. Now that it doesn’t seem to be working, Sri Reddy has returned to her original favorite, power star Pawan Kalyan. It is being noticed that Sri Reddy has been coming up with Memes on Pawan.

Her area of focus has been on Pawan’s three marriages and every other day she has been posting them on her social media handle. As of now, leave aside Pawan, even the regular media folks are not responding (maybe it’s just us) and if this is how things are, the day is not far when Sri Reddy will fade into oblivion.

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