Bold Kissing Movie Grabs Attention

By - August 06, 2018 - 02:10 PM IST

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Whether it is due to the influence or impact of the cult blockbuster ‘Arjun Reddy’ or the dark love thriller ‘RX 100’, the Telugu Film Industry is suddenly opening up to movies which are being made in a rather bold manner. For now, all this is happening in the medium and small budget scale and it is obvious that the count is only going to increase.

Yet another movie which is now grabbing attention is ’24 Kisses’. This has Adith Arun as the lead while the dusky siren Hebah Patel is the leading lady. This is being helmed by Ayodhya Kumar Krishnamsetty. As the title indicates, a lot of the plot seems to revolve around the kissing saga between the lead pair.

The teaser has come out and it is filled with more of kisses than anything else. As expected, it has caught the instant attention of the youth and masses. While it is not sure how much of content is there in the film, knowing Ayodhya Kumar’s past works many are expecting this would be more of an emotional love story than just kisses and smooches.

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