Sexy Beauty With Successful Spy!

By - August 07, 2018 - 03:00 PM IST

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Whenever you see the James Bond movies from Hollywood, the secret agent is flocked by beautiful ladies with strong sex appeal. This has become the signature style for spy flicks and lately the men are being joined by the lady spies. While James Bond is a lucky man given the company of multiple women, one Indian spy is slowly inching in that direction.

We are talking about the Andhra Aamir Khan Adivi Sesh and his recent venture ‘Goodachari’ has been resonating with success at all centers. While the victory march continues, reports are now arriving about Sesh’s next. This is being made under the prestigious PVP Banner and Sesh is foraying into his expert domain, thriller.

For the moment, one part looks confirmed and it is that of the leading lady. Buzz is that the expressive seductress Regina has been roped in as Sesh’s girl. Given her dwindling career graph, teaming up with Sesh would be a welcome opportunity for her to bounce back. Most importantly, the handsome charm of Sesh with Reggie’s sex appeal would be a treat to the audience.

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