Vijay Deverakonda's Communist Ideology

By - August 08, 2018 - 06:30 PM IST

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India is a democratic country and though communism was quite strong in few states it has been seeing a rapid decline. Yet, there are those pockets in this massive nation which still see the influence of the communists. One discussion making rounds is about the new movie of the radical stud Vijay Deverakonda and his role.

We are talking about the film ‘Dear Comrade’ which marks the debut of Bharat Kamma as the director. The film has commenced shooting and reports reveal Vijay would be essaying the role of a young man who takes up a burning social cause and fights for it against the system. The very essence of this line reflects communism.

As it is the title has the word ‘comrade’ which is commonly used among the communist followers. Given the type of movies Vijay has done so far, this is going to be something very different so the impact would be strong. The film also has Karthik of ‘Undhile Manchi Kaalam Mundhu Mundhu Na’ fame in a very important role.

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