Senior Hero's Connection With Actress

By - August 11, 2018 - 04:45 PM IST

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The culture of having sexual relations is quite common among few heroes and heroines and it is more like a ‘friends with benefits’ situation with no feelings attached. While that is one side, there are those heroes who tend to have a fixation towards a particular actress and they tend to continue this relation to the maximum extent possible.

The talk now is about one senior hero who is known for his exemplary acting skills and has a national image. He is known for coming up with something unique in each of his film but this time the focus is on his escapade with an actress. She happens to be his leading lady and interestingly she has been the same for his last few movies.

The duo has been travelling together since quite sometime and it is as good as they are a couple. As such, the heroine is also married but such things don’t really matter. For now, the connection between the senior hero and this beautiful actress is going strong and some say it will only cool down only after the lust quotient between both comes down.

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