Tollywood Hero With American Market

By - August 14, 2018 - 08:30 AM IST

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There was a time when the business market for the Telugu cinema was just the Telugu state and to some extent the neighbouring states. Cut to the present, a very important component has become the overseas box office especially the US market. In lieu of that, the filmmakers are now penning stories which appeal even to the NRI audience.

While that is one side, many heroes have been attempting to get a foothold in the overseas market but not many succeeded. However, one new name has now made it. It is that of Andhra Aamir Khan Adivi Sesh. He has joined the club of NRI’s favorite hero with his recent release ‘Goodachari’. Already, few heroes have good market there.

Even if their movie is average they get a minimum guarantee collection and if the movie is above average it becomes a super hit. And then there are heroes who come up with good movies here and yet they don’t have a market in US. For now, superstar Mahesh Babu, Natural Star Nani, Young Tiger Jr NTR have that presence and now Sesh has joined the club.

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