What Happened To Rowdy Wear?

By - August 14, 2018 - 06:32 PM IST

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The fundamental to score success in any business is to start it with the right kind of hype and once the ball starts rolling you need to keep at it unless the business sustains. Creating a lot of noise before release and going silent after the launch is not a good sign. This is the discussion happening after looking at the product from a famous hero.

We are talking about Rowdy wear, the new apparel brand which has been started by the radical stud Vijay Deverakonda. With a lot of hungama the brand got started and a special event also took place but after that there is not much buzz about it. In fact, those who were quite excited to try this new brand are also in crossroads.

There is some confusion regarding the booking of this product online and in the offline stores, there is not much visibility. While it is not sure how serious Vijay is about this new line of business or whether he is yet to have a team which can work on this exclusively, at this point in time things are not looking encouraging for Rowdy wear.

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