Pokiri Scene In Bigg Boss

By - August 16, 2018 - 12:04 PM IST

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There are many tasks assigned to the inmates of the Bigg Boss house and while some get interesting, some tend to reveal the true traits of the individuals. As such, most of them are fun activities and things also get creative thanks to the thoughts from the participants. Something like that happened in the latest episode.

This was between Nutan Naidu and Deepthi Nallamothu. Apparently, Nutan was seen chasing Deepthi and trying to meddle with her. Those who saw it got reminded of the famous scene in the blockbuster ‘Pokiri’ where Ashish Vidyarthi keeps harassing the sexy hip beauty Ileana. The netizens got activated on seeing this incident.

As a result, they began trolling and a lot of it is happening in social media that Nutan and Deepthi showed Pokiri scene in Bigg Boss. While most of them enjoyed the whole proceeding, it has to be seen whether that will impact the voting for either of the inmates. But then, such offbeat instances tend to create a different feeling.

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