#ManchiNeellaBavi - A film to enlighten about our social evils

By - August 17, 2018 - 01:30 PM IST

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While the rest of the world and the west especially are flying to the other planets of the universe, few villages in India are still stuck with the social stigma, taboos, and stereotypes. From honour killing to not giving proper education to girls, a lot in our country is just like it was hundred years ago. Especially the domination of the rich on the destitute is still alive.

The short film Manchi Neella Bavi is something that focuses and shows how such social issues are still flourishing in a particular village. It is more about the jogini system and is based on a story 1985. The short film is of 50 minute and 43 seconds duration. It is all about Shivudu and Ganga, a newly wedded couple and how their life becomes a mess due to the revenges and landlords.

The short films start with Ganga and her cousins riding a bullock cart into the village and other women of the village, who was walking past the cart stop her and ask how she was and what’s happening with her husband, who is especially challenged. After their conversation is over, they ride back to their home and that’s when the camera zooms into the drops of blood which were dripping out of the cast. As they reach home, a body will be dragged into the house and Shivudu, who is tied to the pillar with chains, is seen crying.

Going into the flashback, the head of the village is someone who is cunning, wicked and a womanizer. If he would see anyone walking with footwear in front his bungalow, he would thrash them to death. Such a sadist he was. One fine day, his eyes fall on Ganga and all he wants is her. He keeps making plans of getting her into his grip but Ganga is one strong headed woman who is not okay with his ideas.

The landlord and his disciples plan to put up a kusti, a local fighting competition and they decide to hurt Shivudu, who always wins the competition. Their plan was to kill him and finally, they turn him into a mentally challenged person and then turn Ganga into a jogini. Badly depressed with what was happening with her, Ganga learns that everything was a plan. Men in the village would abuse her, molest and try to get her into their beds. Now Ganga decided to take revenge on them.

Well, Ganga has a well at her house and this is only well which has sweet water, while the rest of the wells in the village have salty water. Including the landlord, everyone from the village drinks water from this well. On one fine day, even the water from Ganga’s well start tasting salty. To know how it happens, you have to watch the super good and amazing short film. The film is directed by Gangadhar Advaith and is produced by Vijay Mantha from the production house of Hemanjani Devi Adapa.

The film has amazing technical and production qualities. The artists have performed really well and they just make us glue to the seats. with a perfect story and beautiful screenplay, this short film is already going viral for several reasons. If you are someone who would love to know how our system was, long long ago, his film will be a good example for you.

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