#BiggBoss2 Winner Almost Confirmed!

By - August 18, 2018 - 01:01 PM IST

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With each passing day, the most sought after reality show Bigg Boss 2 is going through various twists and turns. Just when we are coming to an impression that one inmate is going to emerge as the winner something happens and another contender looks promising. Just recently we reported that singer Geeta Madhuri might be the surprise winner.

However, the latest update reveals the most likely winner is going to be Kaushal. Apparently, his behavior is impressing everyone and the way he is handling everyone’s attack is garnering a lot of respect and admiration. That way, he has developed a heroism which is not being seen in any of the other male participants.

Added to that, Kaushal is always protecting himself with the highest number of votes and whenever elimination day comes, he is in the safe zone. Now, more than half of Bigg Boss is done so we have to wait and see who will win. Even Geetha Madhuri, Deepti Nallamothu also got good impression till recently but now they are getting negative marks, same is happening with Roll Ryda.

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