Producer's Son Missed RX#100?

By - August 27, 2018 - 02:55 PM IST

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Every other day there is some or the other director who keeps coming up with a story and most of the producers tend to avoid them for one reason or the other. During such times, there are those stories which end up becoming big hits and a lost golden chance for the producers. Here is an interesting story making rounds.

It is heard that the story of ‘RX 100’ was first shaped up by director Ajay Bhupathi for producer Raj Kandukuri’s son Shiva Kandukuri. It is heard that Raj was offered this story and Ajay tried to narrate it to him but for some reason, Raj didn’t get time and the story narration session never took place.

Within no time, Ajay found another producer and the rest as they say is history. So, that’s how this golden opportunity got missed or else Raj would have produced the film and it would have been a big launch for Shiva Kandukuri. But then, that’s part and parcel of the story in the film industry so better luck next time Shiva!

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