Who Gets Benefited With #BiggBoss2 ?

By - August 28, 2018 - 11:10 AM IST

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The ultimate objective for the reality show Bigg Boss is to see who gets to survive in the house for the entire duration and that person gets a heavy cash prize with few other perks. While that is one side, there is another important angle to it. The general belief is that those who are part of Bigg Boss would get a lot of recognition.

As a result, their celebrity quotient increases and also their scope for opportunities. Presently, the second edition is happening in Telugu and discussion is happening on who gets benefited out of this show. All fingers are pointing only towards Kaushal. As such, he has done small roles in the past in the small screen and got a lot of positive marks in this show.

On the other hand, Sanjanaa also took part in the show but it didn’t work. All have forgotten her. Kireeti Damaraju became a little famous but he got eliminated in the third week and he also got some negative marks. Nutan Naidu got an identity but he could not win the hearts. Geeta Madhuri is already popular so nothing new for her to gain. Deepti is also known similarly. Hence, looking at everyone it is clear that only Kaushal is going to be the most benefited.

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