Coincidence in Harikrishna's Family

By - August 30, 2018 - 12:00 PM IST

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The unexpected and tragic demise of Nandamuri Harikrishna has brought the entire Telugu Film Industry to a standstill and this is a shock even someone like megastar Chiranjeevi is not able to come to terms with. Yet again, it was an accident that took the life of a Nandamuri family member and here is an observation.

Apparently, those who have been discussing about the death of Harikrishna are now recalling the film ‘Murari’. In that film, the family has a curse wherein a member of the family tends to die due to some or the other accident. In the same way, the Nandamuri family is getting affected in the form of deadly road accidents.

In 2009, young tiger Jr NTR met with a big accident but he was lucky to escape with minor injuries. In 2014, it was Nandamuri Janakiram, son of Harikrishna, who died in a road accident. And now, it is Harikrishna himself who is no more. Despite the fact that he is known for his expert maneuverability and driving skills, this has happened which is kind of hard to digest.

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