Bigg Boss Title Between Those Two

By - August 31, 2018 - 11:57 AM IST

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Once in a week there is one mandatory topic that keeps getting discussed among those who are watching the most happening show ‘Bigg Boss 2’. Well, the topic is, who is going to be the winner this time. For a long time, the chips have been put on Kaushal because he is the only one who has been creating some visibility for himself.

However, another name is now coming into the contention. It is that of the singer Geetha Madhuri. That way, both Geeta and Kaushal seem to be in contention for the coveted title. There are two reasons for that. Firstly, Geetha is a top celebrity singer and she has a lot of following not just online but also among the Aam Janta.

So, she might get the title. On the other hand, Kaushal has some following in comparison with Geetha but his team Kaushal’s army is very strong and they are pushing his name across all possible platforms without fail. That way, compared to the other participants who are doing their bit only these two are very strong contenders.

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