#BiggBoss2: Elimination Controversy

By - September 03, 2018 - 10:21 AM IST

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As we enter the month of September it is time for us to prepare ourselves to see who is going to be the winner of the much coveted Bigg Boss title. This is the second edition in the Telugu arena hosted by Natural Star Nani. There are only three weekends left and the inmates are quite a sizeable in number.

As a result, it is heard that double eliminations would happen. Inside news reveals this week Nutan Naidu will get eliminated and if it is not him Amit also is in contention for getting eliminated. From next weekend onwards, the predictions go like Syamala and Amit would get eliminated, Tanish and Roll Rida may get eliminated.

The last duo to be removed from the House is most likely Deepthi and Samrat Reddy. With this, only two contenders would be left. They are Geetha Madhuri and Kaushal. Finally they will have a contest between two. Buzz is that the organizers are keen on giving it to Geetha but one should not be surprised if Kaushal also is given the title.

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