#BiggBoss2 : Threats Ahead For Organizers

By - September 06, 2018 - 07:30 AM IST

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Since the last few days, a lot of discussion has been happening on who could be the winner of the most sought after reality show Bigg Boss 2. The hot favorites seem to be Kaushal Manda and Geetha Madhuri. But now, few analysts say there could be few threats to the organizers if either of them gets the title.

For instance, if Kaushal gets the title, it will be concluded that the organizers got scared of Kaushal army and hence they gave it to him. If it is Geetha Madhuri, it would be concluded that they have forcibly kept Kaushal aside thinking a woman should be given the title and gave it as ladies reservation category.

While all this is one side, another name is also flashing. It is that of Tanish and here also there is a hiccup. If Tanish gets the title, it would be concluded that because he is close friends with Nani he got it. Whatever it may be, the allegations if any of the three are chosen might hit the organizers. As such, the others don’t have much chance to win.

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