Talented Director Keeps Mouth In Check

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One of the most important reasons why you make enemies is due to your mouth and talking. There are many instances wherein you see few individuals spoiling their image and value by throwing away their mouth with loose talk. And in an industry like cinema where words are taken very seriously and personally, one has to be careful.

There are times when few noted heroes, directors and producers came up with tall claims prior to the release of the movie and once the film bombs these long statements tend to backfire very badly. In lieu of that, it is heard that one more director has joined the camp but then he seems to have a head on his shoulders.

He is none other than Anil Ravipudi who is currently riding high with three back to back hits. Sharing his thoughts, Anil reportedly said that he knows where to speak, how much to speak and prior to that, he knows where to keep his mouth in check. By following those fundamentals he is playing a safe game and wants to let his work do the talking.

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