1st Sridevi's Statue Not In India

By - September 10, 2018 - 12:20 PM IST

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The bonding between people and film stars is so strong that the latter are worshipped like Gods and Goddesses by many. And for many, these heroes and heroines have a special place in their hearts for the rest of their lives. One person who had that unforgettable impact on many lives is Athiloka Sundari Sridevi.

Even before she could fulfill her journey of achievements, cruel fate struck her and Sridevi passed away in an unfortunate accident at a hotel in Dubai. Speaking about her career as a heroine, Sridevi has done many movies and scored many hits. Now, even before our folks can honour her another country is doing it.

The tradition of coming up with statues for stalwarts has been prevalent since long in India but now the government of Switzerland has announced it is installing a statue of Sridevi in their country. They are going to make this a tourist place and they consider it as a token of their gratitude for Sridevi who was responsible for making many tourists come to their country.

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