#BiggBoss2 : Roll Rida Is Next Elimination

By - September 11, 2018 - 11:11 AM IST

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So far we have been quite accurate in predicting who would be packing their bags and exiting the Bigg Boss house and now that the scene has entered the climax phase, predictions have become quite a bit of challenge. Yet, we are putting our chips on few prospective candidates and this time we have locked another name.

The chances are high that Roll Rida would be the one to face the axe. He is likely to get eliminated because it is evident he is not being seen promptly. If Roll Rida leaves as we are anticipating the contest would then boil down to the last leg of contestants. This list comprises of names like Amit, Samrat, Tanish and Kaushal.

As for the ladies the choosing has become less complicated because right now there are just two names in that list. It is that of Deepti and Geetha Madhuri. Among them, the name of Geetha Madhuri as a hot favorite to win the title is making rounds. For now, the focus is on Roll Rida so let us see how our prediction goes.

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