Will Technology Bring Downfall Of '2.0'?

By - September 15, 2018 - 06:44 PM IST

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A fundamental understanding one should have while making a big budget flick is, the Indian market works in two different verticals. There is a mass vertical which is actually in majority and then the class vertical. At the same time, the infrastructure is also another key component which should show the real visual impact.

These parameters seem to be the topic of discussion as far as the outcome of the film ‘2.0’ goes. Recently the teaser was unveiled and it was evident that only those who have seen it in the big screen in 3D format were impressed. The rest were certainly not excited. The fact that this is being made in 3D format is the sensitive point.

In India, there is just about thirty to forty percent theatres which have the right infrastructure to give the real impact of a 3D format while the rest are not so. If the film is being made with a budget of 550 crores as being claimed, it has to create a revolution among the audience to watch it, like it and take it to a bumper blockbuster level.

And that is possible only if the visual impact is right. It is clear that the film doesn’t have great content or depth in the plot so everything is depending on the visuals and how enticing each frame would be. Hope the showman of the south Shankar doesn’t let us down.


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