NTR Biopic: Critical Issue For Krish

By - September 15, 2018 - 02:24 PM IST

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After going through several twists and turns, the biopic on great NTR fell into order after the arrival of the intellectual filmmaker Krish. In fact, Krish has worked things in such a way that the project has now gone to the next level. However, the intellectuals are saying Krish is going to face one challenge.

It is known that the role of Chandrababu Naidu is going to be key in this movie and this is being essayed by the towering hunk Daggubati Rana. While there is no doubt that Rana’s role would be shown in a very positive light the important question is, how positively is it going to be shown as? So, here comes the word of wisdom.

The intellectuals are saying “We know for sure that Rana’s role would be shown in a positive way but people know about the fiasco that took place in Viceroy hotel many years ago and the mess that got created. So, Krish should ensure there is only so much which doesn’t come across as something overboard.” Knowing Krish, he sure knows where to draw the line.

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