Keeravani's Superb SIIMA Song

By - September 17, 2018 - 05:46 PM IST

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Though it is not really stressed upon, there is a constant race that is on between the craftsmen of the cinema industry and trying to gain an upper hand is the goal. However, there are those who prefer to stay out of it and yet prove their mettle with their works. One such person is the melody king M M Keeravani.

Keeping aside his sheen in music composition, Keeravani also has a spontaneity which is a rare talent. During the recently concluded SIIMA celebrations in Dubai, he took the award as best music director for the magnum opus ‘Baahubali’. Instead of coming up with a customary thank you message to everyone, Keeravani sprang a surprise.

He came up with a song on the spot and it had the tune of the ‘Hamsanaaava…’ song from ‘Baahubali’. These are the lines from him -

‘siima siima...enta chinnadainaa awardu vaste entagaano memu pongipomaa...e desamainaa raavaali annaa visa lu patti memu raama..haayi ayina ee dubai lona...ranjaina chitraseema lona..

The entire auditorium was resounding with claps after listening to this superb song from Keeravani.

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