#BiggBoss : Season 3 To Start Soon

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The concept of reality shows is such that when one season comes to an end the organizers take a breather and want to commence the next season with some new upgrades and modifications. And if it is a top running reality show such measures are more strongly implemented. However, here is an interesting update.

This is about the most followed reality show in the Telugu states ‘Bigg Boss’. The first edition was hosted by young tiger Junior NTR while the second is being hosted by Natural Star Nani. There has been a considerable gap in their shows and right now the second edition is reaching the final stages where the winner would be announced soon.

Going by the past, you would expect the third edition to commence slowly and maybe hit the television screens sometime during the second half of 2019. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case this time. Without leaving much gap it will start immediately and it is heard that the organizers are keen to do so because they want to encash the momentum. Let us see how this strategy works.


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