Nani's Addiction Comes Into Notice

By - September 24, 2018 - 06:00 PM IST

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While there is not much we get to know about film celebrities and their habits few things keep leaking out when the stars are present at the shooting. The unit members tend to reveal such details and this time the focus is on the addiction Natural Star Nani seems to have. As such, each celebrity has a fixation on something.

For instance, it is heard that the gracious beauty Nayanthara is crazy about reading and even when she gets a short break during shoot, she would just go to a corner and start reading a book. Speaking about Nani, it is heard that the star hero seems to be quite fixated over his phone. It is heard that he is not even bothered what is happening around him.

While it is not sure what exactly he does over the phone buzz is that even his co-stars in the movie ‘Devadas’ had noticed this and was wondering what this is all about. As such, Nani is not a person who is quite active on the social media coming up with regular posts so it is not sure what makes him sit in front of his phone all the time.

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