RGV Vs Mani Ratnam : A Case Study

By - September 28, 2018 - 05:50 PM IST

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The name Mani Ratnam is enough to send few vibrations throughout the body of any avid cine buff. Though his filmography is small, each time he comes with a movie he creates a lot of buzz and interest. Lately, Mani has been going through a series of flops and many concluded he has lost his juice and would retire soon.

Yet, why do so many respect Mani? In fact, his latest ‘Nawab’ released with thumping openings. All have respect towards his style, film crafting. He is good with casting, technicians roping in top class actors and having music by someone like Rahman. He comes once in a year or two with a film indirectly implying he has shaped the film carefully.

Though natural flow is not there and some flaws pop up, all those are accepted by respect for Mani. But it is not the same with RGV. He had that respect and regard but he lost it in such a way that it came from zero to minus. But as craftsmen both are equal. RGV is not keeping focus on his movies and is losing interest midway. That is the difference between both.


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