Hacking Business With Ileana's Name

By - October 04, 2018 - 02:30 PM IST

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Anything which is related to a film celebrity catches your attention instantly and given the big nose most of us have to know about every little detail of a celebrity can sometimes prove costly. In a recent report it has been revealed that many hackers are using the names of film celebrities to lure netizens into their net.

In that, the noted anti-virus company McAfee has revealed that the sexy hip beauty Ileana has been named as the most sensational actress. The reason for her being called as sensational is, many hackers are using her pictures and names to get the netizens to click on the link and the moment you do that, your data gets stolen.

It is heard that many have fallen trap to Ileana’s name and hence the hacking business boomed thanks to this Goan beauty. While Ileana doesn’t have anything to do with the whole sabotage, it only goes to show that there are still many who are crazy about her. In a way, the hackers should felicitate Ileana for her contribution.

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