Sreemukhi Invading Anasuya's Empire?

By - October 06, 2018 - 06:00 PM IST

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Just like there are many queens in the silver screen circuit, there are also few queens in the small screen circuit. This system emerged when Suma Kanakala, Jhansi and Udayabhanu ruled the roost and became big celebrities. While Suma still continues and has become the queen bee, the next level is captured by others.

The likes of Rashmi Gautham, Syamala, Shilpa Chakravarthy, Lasya and others were there but within a very short time, one name grabbed the limelight. It is that of the seductively charming Anasuya Bharadwaj. Today, Anasuya has become a hot property even in the movies and now she seems to have found a successor.

She is none other than Sreemukhi. While Anasuya has become busy with movies, being selective about TV programs and stage programs and above all, becoming expensive the slot was taken by Sreemukhi. She came in and proved her mettle at the right time. Recently she was seen in SIIMA and whenever big events are happening she has become the choice. That’s the story folks!

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