Kaushal Mania Hits TV Channel Owner

By - October 08, 2018 - 04:30 PM IST

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Since the last few weeks, the one name which has been taken a lot of times and gained a lot of recognition is that of Kaushal Manda. This has happened due to his presence and the way he carried himself in the most famous reality show Bigg Boss 2. Amidst many twists and turns, Kaushal  became the winner of the show.

This has spiked up his reputation and craze exponentially and now it appears that one big TV channel owner seems to have got attracted to Kaushal mania. He is none other than ABN Radhakrishna and he has gone in for his vastly seen program ‘Open Heart with RK’. The program got an overwhelming response.

Point is, Radhakrishna interviewed both Kaushal with his wife and even the promo has come out. Within few hours of holding the promo it got lakhs of views and it is only a strong indication that when the actual episode comes, it is going to hit a jackpot in terms of the TRP. Let us see how strong Kaushal’s mania is.

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