RGV And Government Are In Same Team

By - October 09, 2018 - 01:30 PM IST

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It has been quite a while since the name of the eccentric Ram Gopal Varma has been heard and one logical reason for that is, he has not got any film to release. Normally, he has the habit of pricking few sensitive issues and creates a controversy out of it thereby earning some mileage and attention for the film.

But this time, RGV’s name has come in a genuine controversy. Shanmukha Priya who played a key role in the encounter of forest brigand Veerappan has filed a case against RGV citing he just gave her lakh rupees as advance and has been avoiding her since ages when asked about remaining payment. She has also accused the government of giving her hand.

As such, sources from Karnataka reveal this case became weak and hence media also lost interest in covering it. But one thing is now becoming clear, RGV’s promise is just like government’s promise as none of them get fulfilled. It now remains to be seen how far Shanmukha Priya will go to settle the score.


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