'Saaho' Gets Airtel Girl

By - October 10, 2018 - 11:20 AM IST

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Just like there are famous heroines in the cinema industry, there are also famous models in the world of advertisement. They are seen in almost every other ad and create an impact. In this process, some of those pretty faces ended up as heroines and right now the trend has reversed where heroines are becoming models for ads.

Though the trend has reversed there are those times when few rare faces get into the silver screen. One such person is Sasha Chettri. The name may not ring a bell but when we say she happens to be the boy cut girl featuring in the Airtel 4G ad, you don’t need further details. So, here is the big news from her end.

It is heard that Sasha has been roped in by the makers of the much anticipated movie ‘Saaho’ featuring young rebel star Prabhas and the mystic eyed beauty Shraddha Kapoor. Buzz is that Sasha plays an important role though it is not a lead. Given her following in social media, Sasha can prove to be an asset to the movie.

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