Anushka's Final Mission In Austria

By - October 10, 2018 - 05:30 PM IST

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After Lady Amitabh Vijayashanti if there is any heroine who has earned a superstar status it is the awesome beauty Anushka. In the later years, it was the gracious beauty Nayanthara but Anushka stood as the main pillar for women stars on silver screen. Everything was going great guns for her but one film changed everything.

It is ‘Size Zero’ and for this movie, Anushka put her heart and soul and given the role requirement, she ended up putting piles of weight. The film bombed and to add to the woes, Anushka could never return to her original shape. Since then, she has been trying really hard to cut down her flab and has also stopped signing movies.

But now it is heard that Anushka has decided to go on one final mission to Austria. Apparently, reports reveal there is one treatment facility in Austria which helps in weight loss through natural diet. As a result, Anushka is determined to try this out and succeed. From our end, here’s wishing Sweety the very best of success.


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