#MeToo Going Wilder Than Before

By - October 13, 2018 - 12:00 PM IST

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Call it the immaturity of the crowds or the over enthusiasm of those involved but then whenever a controversy gets sparked, decisions are taken without a second thought. Right now, the #MeToo mania is picking up vigorously among the ladies and every other day, someone or the other is standing up and taking a name.

This is happening intensely in the entertainment industry and while coming up with allegations is one thing, the consequences are becoming too concerning. Bollywood seems to have taken that way too seriously and already heads have started rolling. While it is a fair deal to remove the accused from their roles, here is the point.

Unless proper verification and authenticity is established, the final decision cannot be taken. The moment an allegation is coming and someone’s name is being taken, immediately all those who are associated with that name are isolating that person. All in all, this #MeToo thing is going wilder than before.

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