New Angle In Pawan Kalyan's Approach

By - October 14, 2018 - 11:10 AM IST

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We can no longer associate the name of Pawan Kalyan with movies because he has bid adieu to it and has decided to dedicate himself to serve the people for real. He has started the ‘Jana Sena’ political party and since the last few months he has been on his toes touring various parts of the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Now, a new angle has come in Pawan’s approach. In the recent times it got revealed that Pawan is quite a spiritual person and there are also strong gossips about Pawan adopting the ways of Brahmin and leading a Brahminic life. As such, he is known to follow the four months penance during the ‘Chatur Maasa Deeksha’.

This time, he is unable to do so and hence he has gone for a Deeksha of ten days during Dussehra. Instead of coming out with statements or anything, Pawan has reportedly stated that he would pray Goddess Durga to give the state of Andhra Pradesh a corrupt free government so that people can live happily and in peace.


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