Rakul Joins #MeToo Bandwagon

By - October 16, 2018 - 09:55 AM IST

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It all began as a genuine voice of concern and a revolt against oppression but with each passing day it is turning out to be a tool for almost every other person who is desperate about getting some identity and publicity. We are talking about the ‘MeToo’ campaign.

All those actresses who are long lost and forgotten are now coming out of their closets and slamming allegations against men who have reached the fag end of their life. While it is not sure whether they were sleeping all these years, all are trying to have a piece of the cake.

However, the sweet Punjabi lassi Rakul Preet Singh has reportedly commented on this issue with some sensibility. She reportedly mentioned that there are genuine people who have suffered so due to the overload the issue must not get dissolved. Now that’s some brainy talk Rakul, hope this works!

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