#MeToo Dilutes The Effect?

By - October 20, 2018 - 05:30 PM IST

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Lately everything and anything can become an issue and more than having some genuine depth and truthfulness, it is being moulded as a platform for everyone to gain their share of momentary attention and mileage. The biggest boost to that is coming from the amateur media entities whose only target is TRPs.

Right now, the entire nation is witnessing one issue which has been blown out of proportion. We are talking about the ‘#MeToo’ mania and while the issue is genuine, there is too much happening and even for trivial issues, few women are simply harping they are the victims. In this process, those who got genuinely affected are not getting justice.

Now, the counter measures have also started and all those men who are getting accused have started filing defamatory suits. If this is how it goes, nobody will care about this issue down the line because defamation cases can be slammed even for 1 rupee also and all can chill. Overall, the direction of this issue is becoming aimless.


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