#MeToo vs Tollywood

By - October 21, 2018 - 12:01 PM IST

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The latest and most happening topic across the nation is #MeToo wherein women especially from the cinema industry are coming up with sexual harassment allegations. As such, they claim these incidents happened nearly two to three decades ago and they are being supported by the current generation starlets.

In this regard, it is heard that few women have been asked to raise their voice in the Telugu Film Industry. They can go and record their complaints at Film Chamber in the name of ‘Voice Of Women’. This is being led by Nandini Reddy. Recently, the cute smile queen Samantha also gave her support to it.

Point is, women coming and laying allegations on men is fine but the most important thing is, they need to have something substantial to actually prove what they are saying is right. Or else, it would end up like another Sri Reddy issue with only statements and no proof. Let us see how the Telugu biggies will deal with this.

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