Why So Much Cost For Ileana?

By - October 22, 2018 - 11:51 AM IST

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As the number of flops keeps increasing for a heroine, the remuneration keeps decreasing proportionately. As for those heroines who have been off the radar since a while and making a comeback their remuneration is rather nominal. If it is a star heroine, it would be a respectable number but below her market price.

Given that system, one news is raising the eyebrows of many. This has to do with the sexy hip beauty Ileana and her remuneration for her comeback venture ‘Amar Akbar Anthony’. It is known that Ileana is pairing up with Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja in this movie and it is being helmed by the talented Sreenu Vaitla.

Inside news reveals Ileana has been paid a whopping 2 crores as remuneration. Those who heard this are quashing this as baseless rumour and maintain this is being spread just for publicity. Even the topmost of the present heroines would not get so much so it doesn’t make any sense. But if this is true the producer’s business sensibilities need to be looked at.

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